The A-Media Contentserver series is designed for DAB and DRM (+) and built on the Fraunhofer IIS platform.

What does a contentserver do?

A-Media Elementary

Designed for a lower price, intended for small scale setups and gives you a minimum of features, but all you need for running TheRadioHub.

A-Media Professional

Full featured contentserver with redundancy capability, sub-multiplexing, ensemble scheduler, professional firewall and more...
Both models are available with either DAB or DRM functionality.


Read all about what our contentservers can do:

Server features

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Fraunhofer IIS developing the new Journaline 2.0- and Broadcast DNS-standards.

What is Broadcast DNS?

Journaline 2.0

The new standard for transmitting graphics to receivers. Journaline 2.0 includes a user interface in addition to content (station app on receivers).
Using less bandwidth than MOT slideshow, stations can present beautiful graphics in HD-resolution on a touchscreen.

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- DAB AudioServer with multistream real-time audio encoding for MPEG Audio Layer II and DAB+, including DAB Surround option
- DAB Multiplex Generation
- Multimedia DataServer providing all standardized as well as proprietary mechanisms for data collection, import, processing, encoding, and broadcast. This is fully integrated in the Radio Hub, including services as Journaline, Dynamic Labels and Slideshow.


Purchasing and installing our contentservers is easy. You will be given a download link for our firmware after you receive a dongle. Add the image file received to a CD/DVD or a memory stick, and boot on this device. Then simply follow the instructions on the screen.

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We have tested the following servertypes with our contentservers:
* Dell R320 with Perc H310 Raid 1 setup - two HDD.
* HP DL 380 Gen 8 and 9, with HP Smart Array Raid controller and Raid 1 setup - two HHD.

Please contact us if other setups or hardware are preferred.

We recommend using an Intel i3 processor or better, with a minimum of 4GB of RAM and an extra networkadapter (minimum 3 network ports).
No operating system is required to install our contentservers.

All contentservers are delivered with full support for the radio hub.

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More information about the Contentservers?

Contact us. Or read the documentation for DAB or DRM contentservers.