Also known as adaptive streaming, is one of the features that is supported by The Radio Hub. The Radio Hub supplies you with a tool to optimize your radio streams for all imaginable devices.

TheRadioHub offers integrated apps for mobile devices for both Android and iOs. We can now also provide our customers with a complete responsive HLS-streaming solution.
With HLS you get the optimal streaming audioquality on any network. If the network speed becomes limited, then this solution automatically reduces streamingrate seamlessly. Surveys has shown that many listeners change station on mobile devices when streaming is interrupted. With this solution you keep your listeners longer and they get a better service.

Price: $ 795,- Get in touch!

As a customer with TheRadioHub you will receive a considerably discount. Get in touch with us for more information.
This HLS-solution is provided by our partner company Unreal Streaming Technologies in the USA. They have developed encoder software and streaming server engine that outputs live HLS chunks to a web folder of your favorite web server: Apache, IIS or any other web server. Then the web server streams live HLS to your listeners over regular HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

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This solution is easy and very quick to set up. anyone with a general knowledge about Windows-servers would be able to set it up - no need for expensive third party services!. Online they also provide you with help videoes and general support.