DAB+ Transmitters

Transmission power efficiency is nowadays one of the hot topics within the broadcasting products manufacturing technology, in order to efficiently answer to the governments requirement for global energy consumption reduction.

The Neetra Saturn-HE DAB+ Transmitters are the optimal solution to implement highly efficient broadcasting stations without sacrificing long-term reliability, compactness and linearity performances. The overall top-level performances are obtained through an optimal combination of Doherty power amplifier technology and of a newly conceived digital predisotrion algorithm, all accompanied by a careful choice of reliable components and durable materials.

From 10W to 3,6kW RMS
Families: Standard LDMOS and Doherty
DAB+ compliant modulation
Two ETI inputs - all DAB+ modes supported
Frequency-agile output step 1Hz in VHF band
MFN and SFN modes
10MHz and 1pps Reference inputs
High-Performance Digital Precorrection
Excellent MER and Shoulders levels
Integrated EDI Inputs Option
Option Advanced Precorrection for Doherty

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These transmitters are all compliant with The Radio Hub!

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