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The radio hub is at nab 2015

We will be attending NAB 2015 in Las Vegas! Please feel free to arrange a meeting with us so we can get you as excited about The Radio Hub as we are.

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We organize your digital broadcast information

Wouldn't it be great if one piece of really user friendly software would connect all incoming and outgoing information streams for your radio station automatically?

Wait no more, The Radio Hub is here! We have created a way to connect incoming and outgoing information streams. You can engage and be in control at any time, but you are not obligated to do so. Leave the information management hassle behind and move ahead to worry-free DJ'ing in an instant!
Our customizable listener app offers a way of displaying all information in a way that is plain beautiful. No matter if your listener is using a desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet, Facebook application or an in-car DAB radio, they will enjoy a second screen experience that will make your radio station stand out from the crowd.

Check out a live version

Demo videos:

The Radio Hub features:
Publishing solution with scheduler for social media, web and digital radio
Text, images, station branding and more for digital radio
High-end webradio with albumcovers and much more
Custom apps for Android and iOS
Integration for your web-page
Let listeners build YouTube-playlists based on music from your station
Ads & promotional service
And much more


These are some of the unique features the Radio Hub combines into one, easy to use, system.

The Radio Hub

is part software and part online-service, and makes information available for all your needs. You are able to control both PAD-data, social media and content for streaming services. Each station can build its unique graphical profile.


The Radio Hub gives radiostations everything they need for digital broadcasting and information distribution. Journalists and program creators have full control from one screen.


No need to log in to multiple social media and web-pages. You can even use mobile devices to broadcast images and text to any of your configured outputs.


TheRadioHub also gives the station a high-end streaming-player and web-page with many options. The responsive interface can be used on all devices and lets the listeners make their own playlists - a service similar to Pandora and Spotify.


Our extensive webservice also allows you to broadcast albumcovers, EPG information, news/traffic alerts and advertisements, over MOT Slideshow. We also support DL+ and Journaline. For everything we don't support is an API available.


Almost all our data is available through our API. This way you can use playoutdata for any custom solution. Our online services can be used as cloud service and as a traditional PAD-server solution.


We want you to know how good we are, but we also know it can be hard to try something new.

That is why we allow you to test the Radio Hub for the first three months, completely free! After those three months we will contact you to evaluate your experiences and make you a personalised offer.

Start today!

Terms and conditions

TheRadioHub is basically a free service - after the free trial period of three months you pay only $199 a year for hosting.
Custom apps for Android or iOs starting $399 plus $49 a year hosting*.
* codec licenses not included.
Our broadcast engineers can provide assistance online and help you set up and build custom high-end solutions. Tell us what you need and we will provide a plan and estimate for your wishes.
All future updates will be completely free, and the same goes for the needed software which is downloadable after registering.


The latest updates on our work

Presentation in India

All India Radio was very impressed when TheRadioHub was presented in New Delhi recently.

The presentation was done together with our partners in the technology company DIGIDIA.

The mission of DIGIDIA is to develop, manufacture and sell products and related services dedicated to the digital broadcasting and transmission of media such as radio, TV and data.

TheRadioHub generates images and text related to the content on air automatically and sends the data at the correct time to all sources. DIGIDIA has developed full support for TheRadioHub.

Our solutions was first presented at IBC in Amsterdam in 2013.

Meet us in Las Vegas

Our team of developers will be attending the NAB show in Las Vegas April 12th thru 15th.

We are looking forward to meeting creative colleagues from all over the world. We will be sharing thoughts and ideas, and perhaps even starting collaborations with you creating the «next big thing» together.

We are also looking for a few stations for a free service from us, demoing our next generation of solutions in the US.

Book a meeting with us at the NAB show and learn more. We are looking forward to meeting you!

New xHE-AAC® codec

Radio Haugaland’s new demo app makes the most of the high quality and low data-rates of xHE-AAC®, which was co-developed by Fraunhofer IIS.

The latest MPEG audio codec to have been developed with the input of Fraunhofer IIS, xHE-AAC (or MPEG Extended High-Efficiency AAC) is already making waves with broadcasters worldwide thanks to its impressive feature-set.

This application is part of our TheRadioHub ecosystem.

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Feel free to email us for feedback, questions, more information and pricing.

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